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For anyone watching (or attending) the Last Night of the Proms tomorrow ...

Provided I can get it past the RAH stewards - and there seems no reason why not - I shall be flying the flag of Northumberland tomorrow evening, so you should be able to find me easily amidst all the Union Flags and St George's Crosses. As I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, sometime before the Great Local Government Reorganisation of 1974, I think I can claim to be patriotic, though if anyone would rather describe me as a "militant Northern nationalist", I shall have to live with that.

Haven't decided what time to get there - the queue will have started already, but as I'm not promming tonight and shan't be at the 10:00 roll-call, I shall inevitably be a bit further back, but I think I'll probably arrive around lunch time or early afternoon. As a ticket holder, entry is guaranteed up to 19:20, but I don't want to be right at the back of the arena. Now where does "the bloke with the fog-horn" stand? I don't want to be next to him all night!
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