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Post-Prom Miscellany

After Saturday's excitement, I had the pleasure of an excellent Sunday Lunch chez rosamicula with kharin, eloquently written up here and with recipe notes here. We also had the opportunity to browse in advance of rosamicula's cake-and-book sale, and relieved her of a number of volumes, though others need not fear: there are plenty more available! (I began to appreciate the problem after the third carrier bag appeared, with many more following). Like browsing in a secondhand bookshop, I found something I'd had on my Amazon list (Do No Pass Go, by Tim Moore); something from an author I like that could be interesting (Gerontius, by James Hamilton-Paterson); and something with random tangential interest (The Gadfly, by E L Voynich) - selected because I like the (quite famous) Shostakovich film soundtrack, though I have no idea what the novel will actually be like. The hours passed effortlessly until early evening, when we really needed to head back home; I checked that the DVD-R had done its duty.

On Monday, I went over to uitlander's place, for our regular w(h)ine; she'd explained that there had been some uncertainty about the PVR recording of the Last Night, which I had asked her to do as a backup, due to The Ginger One's pawing of the remote control. It turned out, in fact, that she had recorded Part One of the concert, where I had recorded Part Two, so in the end, I shall have the whole concert - splendid!

I've just tried out the "finalise" function on the DVD-R, which allegedly turns the disc into something that can be played on standard DVD players. Unfortunately, my recorder only allows me to set chapter points on DVD-RAM, and the recording was done to DVD-RW. uitlander's recording will come on a DVD in MythTV .nuv format, so I have more excitement ahead there with avidemux or something similar. Over the past few months my 7-year old PC (which has no DVD drive of any sort) has become increasingly creaky, and I think it may be time to start looking more seriously at the Dell website.
Tags: food, london, music
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