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Glamis thou art, and Cawdor; and Benn, ...

Unrelated articles from today's Independent: Every child should see at least one compulsory Shakespeare performance during their school life as part of an attempt to stop youngsters being bored by the Bard's plays. I have to admit I don't entirely follow their logic. I didn't enjoy English at school: for GCSE I had to study Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities) and Shakespeare (Macbeth). Reluctantly I admit that I enjoyed the Dickens at the time (probably in no small measure due to a change of teacher half way through), but the Shakespeare just left me completely cold. Time may have mellowed me on that, I will admit, and I may not be typical of the population as a whole either, but if you're not that interested in the first place, it seems unlikely to me that seeing the play performed will change your mind, especially as a teenager.

On a lighter note, Tony Benn's final paragraphs in the article on how to handle hecklers are well worth reading (my italics): "... The best speech at last year's Labour Party conference was made by a heckler. It was a one-word speech. Walter Wolfgang said: 'Nonsense!' It will probably be on his ID card for life. Or if we do not get ID cards, it will still be on the database."
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