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If only everything in life was as reliable as a ... - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
If only everything in life was as reliable as a ...
The Skoda is in for its service & MOT today. The garage has just rung. It has failed the MOT because of tyres (which I'm not surprised about, I should have checked them and got them done beforehand myself, but I forgot), and it needs a new handbrake cable (which I am surprised about). The handbrake parts aren't in stock; fortunately I'm at home today and tomorrow, and they claim they can get it all sorted by then. Other news wasn't so good: a faulty air-conditioning piece of wizardry and wearing roll-bar brushes. Each of these items is nearly £200 and both were declined. The roll-bar stuff seems to be problematic: it was only replaced two years ago in the Service From Hell. This makes me think it may be time to look for a new car. It's done nearly 60000 miles - 50000 of them driven by me, and I have been thinking it's time to decide whether to replace it or drive it into the ground, but now it seems that it could get expensive to keep rather more quickly. On the whole I've been happy with the Fabia itself, but the service isn't what it used to be - and I am not thinking Ostalgie, but rather that the local dealer was taken over a few years ago by a Saab dealer, prices have risen and service has fallen since. My parents seem happy with their Honda Jazz, and one of my coworkers has one and seems happy too. I'd like a hybrid, but they're expensive and - at least as much to the point - presently only available in larger models, which would be a waste for me. Anyone got any other suggestions?

On the plus side, Scan claim to have shipped my PC bits and pieces, and as I ordered a morning delivery I shall at least have something to play with tomorrow - unless CityLink can't find my address.

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uitlander From: uitlander Date: October 17th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Give me a shout if you want some help with it tomorrow morning. From memory a small amout of swearing was involved in assembling mine, and small fingers are an advantage.

On the car front jennyh's Fiant Punto appears to be indestrustible and just keeps going (100,000 miles + with few major costs).
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