qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

To err is human ...

Well, the PC components arrived just after 9am this morning and were really quite straightforward to assemble. The only tricky thing is that the Shuttle PC requires you to use its own heatsink/fan ... and the AMD processor also requires you to use its own heatsink/fan, otherwise you void the warranty. In this case (no pun intended), the case wins, and in fact it looks like a more effective heatsink anyway. Installing Windows XP Media Centre Edition was reasonably straightforward, though it confused me by going native on the video resolution but with poor update on moving windows around - resolved by installing the vendor's video drivers (I am used to the days when Windows reverted to 640x480 if it didn't like the look of your video card).

So far, so good, but I do seem to have borked my old mail with Thunderbird. Apparently it upgrades automatically when you switch from Mozilla to Thunderbird, but what I have done is move from one PC (with Mozilla) to another (with Thunderbird) and it just doesn't get it. And I have lost the mail I received today. Ho hum. I think that, when file transfer is complete, I'm going to upgrade the old PC to Thunderbird, then try and copy those files over again. We'll see.
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