qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Interesting Times

Last night's excitement was provided by a bit of boiling oil or a fragment of food spitting out of the frying pan and into my eye. I can't say it's an experience I would recommend. Although my vision is not impaired, there's a slight bruised feeling somewhere, and kharin reckons it looks a little bit bloodshot (though I'm not convinced it's any worse than normal). On the plus side, the bottle of Spier's Merlot was worthy of note and well worth picking up in Waitrose. Examining the mutual wine lake last weekend, uitlander and I noticed a prevalence of Shiraz, and whilst this is fine, I should take steps to diversify a bit.

Today's excitement was provided by taking two carloads of tree cuttings to the tip (I had a go at the tree outside the front of the house on Tuesday; if the car had been returned from its service when expected the trip to the tip would have taken place on Wednesday). This was actually much less painful than I feared - small queues on both trips, and I got parked by the "Green Waste" skip both times. On the other hand, if I had thought about it a bit more, I would have got out a dust cover for the car beforehand, as now the boot is covered in conifer fragments that won't come out even when the Dyson is applied to them.
Tags: garden, wine
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