qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Did you guys ever watch the show?

Well, everyone else has already posted their views, so here are mine. It was fair enough. Don't take it too seriously and it's quite good fun. Like rosamicula, I enjoyed the CSI: Cardiff line; also I thought the Torchwood "tube station" tunnel was quite clever, even if it was pure folly (or maybe it's reserved for future use). Plots in both episodes were rather thin, the second episode did have a lot of smut and sex "because we can". You'd have thought we couldn't get much thicker than Rose Tyler for a companion: enter Gwen Cooper (I'll just throw this random sharp thing at one of my coworkers on my first day in the job). Sadly, it wouldn't surprise me if the average PC is thicker than the average shop worker. Like Eccleston's Doctor, Barrowman's Captain Jack doesn't seem to have had that much to do. Of course, he has a whole team to run things, and he's the mystery man, source of Torchwood office gossip and speculation. It couldn't possibly live up to the hype it's been given, but it's better so far than K9 and Company.
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