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The tip must be a grim place to work, but it is not the most exciting place to visit either. I am holding a 19" computer monitor and I can feel my lower back saying "just f***ing get on with it" whilst some Vicky-Pollard-type tells me that the monitor is hazardous waste and must go "in the blue container over there", whilst the PCs go "in the blue container over there". She does not point on either occasion. Eventually I ascertain that the monitor goes in the container "at the far end that says Computer Salvage" (so she can read, or has she just been told that is what it says?), and the PCs go in the blue bin in front of the "Metal Only" skip. I'm sure this is wrong and in fact the whole lot should go in Computer Salvage, but I do as I am told and leave it to some other poor sod to correct this later in the day, presuming that the blue bin doesn't go directly into landfill. And if it does, well, future generations have Reading Borough Council to blame.

Perhaps I shouldn't complain too much as I am not a resident of Reading Borough Council, but its site is the nearest and I believe I am as much entitled to use it as I am the one in Newbury. On doorstep collections, West Berkshire used to be much better, but of late they have been left behind by Reading who now collect cardboard and plastic as well as glass, paper and cans. I didn't understand how the Reading system of putting all recyclable materials together into one bin would work - it would seem to be too labour-intensive to separate them again - but perhaps, as it is apparently so easy to be confused over what goes where, it is a system that works better than you might think. And it may keep a number of people - before long, no doubt, even graduates - who aren't part of our "information economy" usefully employed.
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