qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Well, that's over then

I had a triple-bill of Torchwood last night as I'd recorded last week's episode while I was away. If the series had been half decent I would have found Noel Clarke's episode poor, but as it was, it was up to the standard of most stories in the series. As to the grand finale, well I quite liked bits - of the first half in particular - but as usual it was a case of cherry-picking from all the surrounding crap. Terrible monster (and like many "plots" in the series, an unimaginitive copy from Doctor Who - in this case The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit). Grotesquely dysfunctional staff, really silly writing in so many ways. Didn't someone say this was supposed to be adult? And yet ... Jack's final exit was a clever piece of work. Did anyone notice whether he took the Hand with him? In many ways, I hope there isn't a second series, because I almost certainly have better things to do with my time.
Tags: torchwood
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