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So I threw the money onto the bed and said to her - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
So I threw the money onto the bed and said to her
At least, that's what I think Clement Freud said as they checked the microphones prior to recording Just A Minute last night; it rings a bell, I think he may have used the same phrase when I went to Oxford to see it being recorded a couple of years ago.

Thanks to uitlander, who had obtained tickets for this week's recording, we serendipitously had seats in the second row. The panel comprised Paul Merton, Clement Freud, Chris Addison (a newcomer) and Graham Norton. Sadly I never had the opportunity to see Linda Smith.

I think the show recorded in Oxford was tighter, but that's not to say better or worse. The Mermaid Theatre near Blackfriars in London is a more frequent venue and I suspect the panel were more relaxed, which will lead to heavier cutting, and there were a couple of retakes at the end. It should still make interesting listening, though; particularly when Graham Norton mis-heard the subject - I shan't say anything more spoilery!

Luckily we arrived at Paddington within a few minutes of each other, and delays on the Circle Line in fact led to a pleasant perambulation along the Embankment prior to the recording. A relatively straightforward journey back, though it becomes apparent how much easier it is to return to Reading than to Slough; and my journey back from Reading was hampered by the police closing a section of the A33 between B&Q and the M4.

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