qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Roman Wall - after all, which other one could there be?

When I grew up, it was The Roman Wall; only Southerners used to refer to it as Hadrian's Wall. Apparently there had also been something called The Antonine Wall somewhere in central Scotland, but as Roman Walls go, that was about it.

I enjoyed last night's Timewatch. I think that, according to uitlander's rules, Julian Richards is far too amiable to be a real archaeologist. The programme also featured Lyndsay Allason-Jones (uitlander says "Hurrah!") and Miranda Aldhouse-Green (uitlander says "Boo!"). Mostly the programme was quite superficial; I thought the Bath-House reconstruction at Wallsend was quite impressive, but they didn't mention the Fort reconstruction at South Shields. I knew the wall wasn't the great Military Frontier you would think, for most of its operational life; but it's an interesting idea that the Wall was just a great folly, thought up by Hadrian to give the troops something to do.
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