qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Eating Habits

It is my wont to try meats from the Farmers' Market that do not ubiquitously appear on the supermarket shelves. A couple of months ago I found a shoulder of mutton, and tonight we have had Spiced Mutton Stew with Apricots - a tagine in all but name. On the whole, tougher than lamb (as expected) and also of blander flavour (not so expected). The recipe was pleasant but time-consuming; I boned the meat just after lunch and set about making the stock required, taking the opportunity to satisfy first principles but also recognising the unfeasability of it on a regular scale. My mother used to make stock from the turkey carcass at Christmas until a few years ago, and it was always an ordeal. (Then again, she still finds the whole turkey thing an ordeal, stock or no stock.) I have half a litre or so of mutton stock to use up sometime this week.

I have also recently taken to drinking Horlicks. I put this down to 12 years of occasional driving past the Courage Brewery in Reading and its malty aroma has grown on me. Just kill me if I start regularly and voluntarily tuning to Radio 2.
Tags: food
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