qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Over the past few weeks uitlander and I have been enjoying (in the car-crash TV sense) Fat Men Can't Hunt. It's been all that you might despise of reality TV's dysfunctional personalities. I think the most disgusting thing was the way in which they were all very fussy eaters. Whatever happened to the waste not, want not philosophy? One of them had the nerve to ponder why these people had been "left behind when the rest of the world developed agriculture" (umm, perhaps because they had enough reliable food sources around them and never had a need to develop agriculture?). Subsistence is a very different way of life to ours and I'm sure that some of the food on offer was pretty grim to a western palate, but I do hope the Kalahari tribe they stayed with were rewarded handsomely for their troubles.
Tags: food, tv
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