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Weekend Update

Somehow, I could do with another two days off, after my two days off.

Bowling for Columbine was on Channel 4 on Saturday evening. I hoped this would be good but was prepared to ditch it if it became unbearable. Fortunately that was not necessary. Although much of the material was about gun control (or the lack of it) in the US, Michael Moore did not satisfy himself with a simplistic cure-all approach; he pointedly examined the Canadian perspective on gun control (which at a glance is pretty similar to the US, but with a tiny per capita fraction of casualties). Comedians who do politics tread a dangerous line: for example, Jeremy Hardy, though no doubt well-meaning, is an incredibly boring turn-off when he becomes political. Moore lost neither the comedic element, nor the ability to make a serious point, throughout.

Thanks to Network Rail, kharin and I had a full day out on Sunday. After about 30 minutes of confusion at Reading station on a bracing Sunday morning we opted for the alternative train. "It's Waterloo", one of our fellow passengers was heard to shout in answer to an enquiry. Yes, I thought, but what about the destination of the train? The return journey (again on the Slow Train) was part-narrated by Paul Merton (or so it seemed), though kharin pointed out that surely that career option was more likely one for Angus Deayton these days.

The purpose of the trip to London was to inspect the Lloyd-Webber collection of (predominantly) pre-Raphaelite art at the Royal Academy. A mixed bag with some pleasant surprises (for me, at least).

On returning on Sunday evening, I was appraised of the uitlander's unhappy weekend, spent ferrying felines between deepest Berkshire and Potters Bar, then I set the heating to on all night... wishing I didn't have to get up on Monday.
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