qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Hmm ... Pigeons

On Sunday rosamicula visited the Provinces. Any event involving rosamicula and kharin is doomed to some sort of telecommunications malfunction, and this was no exception, but nevertheless she made it to chez qatsi.

We had mushroom stuffed with Brussels pate as a starter; I had either non-stick mushrooms or non-stick breadcrumbs, but in the event it didn't seem to matter too much, and those on the top didn't make any bids for freedom. For the main course, I tried out nwhyte's recipe for Roast Boar with Juniper Berries, and I can thoroughly recommend it. We rounded things off with a lime cheesecake prepared the night before. There may also have been a bottle or two of wine. In between the food and drink there was fine conversation and my hands stumbled across the piano a couple of times (Schubert and Eric Coates - Calling all Workers is my own Promenade Indulgence).

At an early stage in the kitchen proceedings I discovered what it is like to have a tin of hot fat tip off an oven shelf and pour onto your wrist - my advice is, don't try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter. kharin did the sensible thing with an improvisation of a bag of frozen veg; as I pressed this on my wrist, I noted the proximity of arteries and the fact that after a few minutes my entire hand was chilling significantly. I have a rather large blister and a further area of rather pink skin on my wrist, but fortunately there does not appear to be any serious damage.
Tags: food
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