qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Posh Nosh

It's not unusual for work colleagues to take a Friday lunchtime trip to The Crown at Playhatch, but I don't often join them. Yesterday, however, I had a very pleasant crab and avocado salad, washed down with the local Brakespear's. Sonning always seems to me to be the place where the Quill and Tassle ought to be located - there are no poor people there, and even the affordable housing on the edge of the village isn't affordable.

I've been wary of cooking with beetroot, but last night I tried out Venison with Beetroot from Clarissa Dickson-Wright's The Game Cookbook, and it seemed to work quite well. It's always reassuring when there is some resemblance to a picture of the dish.
Tags: food
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