qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Spurious Studies

Apparently we throw away one third of the food we buy. Except that it turns out half of this is inedible anyway - peelings, tea bags, and so on. So, in fact, we waste about 15% of the food we buy, because we would discard the other 15% in any case. This story is presented in the context of climate change because it generates methane in landfill sites. But surely it would generate just as much methane if we composted it, as any rotting vegetation does, whether it's grown and harvested by humans or otherwise? (The methane produced may vary depending on the precise plant types, but I'd guess that's a second-order effect).

There's a story about consumer excess and waste here; there's a story about waste management, landfill and composting. But I'm not convinced any of this story has to do with climate change. Small wonder the general public are scientifically illiterate when the journalists and editors are, too.
Tags: green, science
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