qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Age of Indeference

Yesterday, kharin and I met up with rosamicula to visit the Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain. Owing to circumstances beyond our control, for once there were no great problems in meeting up, and the exhibition was surprisingly quiet; I suppose the initial rush has long gone and people were perhaps making use of the summery weather.

Most striking was the actual variety of Hogarth's work, including a room dedicated to his English portraiture - more or less conventional, though with some light-hearted touches. Of course the famous sets were there - The Harlot's Progress, The Rake's Progress, Marriage a-la Mode and The Election. Another work, A Midnight Modern Conversation, did stir me into making a comment about Dave Cameron, Beano Johnson, and the Bullingdon Club.

Fortunately rosamicula had already done some research about the Canaletto exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery, but unfortunately the result of this research was that it was sold out. However, we passed some time at the small but interesting Museum of Garden History and filled our stomachs at the Yo Sushi behind County Hall.
Tags: exhibitions, london, satire
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