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It was the Best of Times ...

Well, kharin and I made it to Dulwich Picture Gallery this morning and got to see the Canaletto in England exhibition in its last weekend. The paintings were sublime, almost pre-Raphaelite in their sharpness of detail, though with different subject matter. Mostly the paintings were of London, such as the construction of Westminster Bridge around 1750 (including as a corollary some interesting views of the old Houses of Parliament), St Paul's, Greenwich, Syon House and Walton Bridge. Venturing further afield, there were views of Badminton and Warwick Castle (which looked particularly industrial to me: the clean stone edifice could easily have been breeze-block). The gallery was busy but the audience was attentive: Dulwich is not especially difficult to get to (about 15 minutes out of Victoria, fare valid by travelcard) but perhaps not being in central London avoids the 'tourists', in the negative sense of the word. It's a deservedly popular subject; but it would appear that the gallery had underestimated demand, having extended the exhibition by a week.
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