qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Spoiled for Choice

I voted. We had two votes. The choices were Conservative, Conservative, LibDem, LibDem. The LibDems round here have been somewhere between ineffectual and complacent, and the Conservatives are ... how shall I put this ... Conservatives. So I spoilt my paper and felt a little better for doing so. I wonder whether one has that option in an electronic voting system, which was apparently trialled in some parts of the country.

To cap it all, I went to Sainsbury's for the weekly shopping, having forgotten the plastic and cardboard for recycling (my normal trip is to Waitrose, but it has only a glass recycling point). Whoever wins the council election, we shall apparently have doorstep collections for these - and compostable waste - later this year. I am amazed at how empty my bin is most weeks since I began separating most cardboard and plastic; and when it's more full, it's usually because I have excess or woody garden waste that I can't compost. The council web site says it wants most plastics for recycling, and certainly I've noticed many Waitrose items claim on the label to be recyclable, but I wonder how much is rejected and ends up in landfill anyway. Why can we have paper bags for mushrooms, but not for other fresh fruit and veg? And while I was in Sainsbury's, I was astounded by all the food miles. In the UK, who needs Chilean prawns and mussels, for heaven's sake?
Tags: green, politics
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