qatsi (qatsi) wrote,


"Just a little music in the night,
Makes me want to hold my baby tight".

Flanders and Swann, Eine Kleine Nachtmusic Cha-Cha-Cha

Spain - Quite pretty, but isn't that last year's David Beckham hairdo?
Belarus - Nice James Bond visuals, shame about the singing
Ireland - They've learnt how to play the game, it won't be Dublin next year
Hungary - Oddly original, but see Germany below
Georgia - Kate Bush crossed with Bjork
Sweden - It's Life on Mars, isn't it?
France - Finally, they've stopped taking Eurovision seriously and are singing in something resembling English
Latvia - The League of Gentlemen
Germany - Often different, never victorious
Ukraine - So bad it's good?
UK - I see ahead a career in children's TV for these people
Romania - So many languages, so little time. Madness?
Turkey - You're my wife now, Dave
Tags: tv
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