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Who Update

I don't recall there being any turkeys so far in this season of Doctor Who.

The Lazarus Experiment was interesting - reminiscent particularly of The Leisure Hive, perhaps - but not brilliant. Martha's family almost make me want Jackie Tyler back and the Mr Saxon references seemed laboured. The preponderance of the cast of Dinnerladies as villains in this season means that I would hardly be surprised to see Duncan Preston making an appearance as the Master.

42 had some good ideas, but also a lot of weak points. In particular, the "captain" of the ship did give some evidence in favour of Patrick Moore's argument about the BBC. And why does the Doctor have to struggle out of the airlock to the ship's exterior, when McDonnel and Korwin simply fall out towards the star? Overall the visual setting was just too The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit - I wouldn't lay claim personally to an especially virulent imagination, but I do not expect all missions into the future to look pretty much the same. I'd be happy for Chris Chibnall to be consigned to writing Torchwood episodes (which I'd then rather avoid).

Human Nature felt very much like a traditional Who story, but with an original twist. Of course, the twist with the Doctor's DNA turns out to be very significant for later in the season. The Family of Blood were rather odd villains, but it seemed to work quite well, and of course by not killing them, there is always the possibility that one or more of them might escape for a sequel.

Blink. Well, I do rather feel for Steve Moffat. The pressure must be quite horrific. Even take away the regular cast and the poor man turns out an ingenious and well thought through script. I think white_hart has it about right with her reference to Love and Monsters.

And so to Utopia. We knew (or suspected) that the Master was coming. We knew that Derek Jacobi was in this one. We did not know that they would turn out to be one and the same, and that was clever. Initially I assumed it was the same watch - was this the Doctor at the end of the Universe, I wondered? Over the years (say, post-Castrovalva) I've felt the Master was a rather over-used King Rat - the problem is, of course, if one is going to retain an actor on a semi-regular basis, the character must make semi-regular appearances. So I'm not overjoyed to see his return, but admit that it was very cleverly done and will try and keep an open mind - clearly he will remain for the rest of this season, but then ... who knows?

My guess for next week: In his excitement at regeneration, the Master has forgotten that his TARDIS is kicking around somewhere on ... did that planet have a name? Anyhow, that is how the Doctor et al will escape. Of course, the problem is, it will be rather more well hidden ... And what of the Utopia project? Will we return, this year or next?
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