qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

You've always got a chance with a gloater

Well, I thought that was the worst episode of the season so far. I did like the irony about electing a dumb-ass - no doubt something that will sail over many of our American cousins when it gets to the US. And, you know, they say the Evil One eats babies. But overall, it didn't do much for me. Then again, the Master often doesn't come over well - Claws of Axos, need I say more? Of course, I'm sure - somehow - it will all get worked out next week. The Doctor will manage to save the world, whilst somehow leaving Jack behind to handle another series of Torchwood. At least it isn't Daleks again in the final episode. Or maybe it will turn out that it is. Just remember, that rhythym from Beethoven's Fifth is Morse code for V (=victory), right?
Tags: who
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