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Last time I posted about exhibitions, I forgot to mention the free exhibition at the V&A on James Athenian Stuart. As much of his work was architectural, much of the exhibition was photographic, though there were also paintings and sketches of architecture both real and imagined.

It is the final weekend of the Proms Exhibition at the British Libaray, so I thought I should head along. It was a very small display, but had some interesting items nonetheless, such as letters from Rachmaninov and Sibelius to Sir Henry Wood, and a signed photo of Shostakovich circa 1943. Informatively, "promenade concerts" (note the lack of a definite article) began in the early nineteenth century in London, initially described as "in the Parisian style". In early concerts, "members of the audience would walk around, and occasionally fight each other". Some might say things haven't changed all that much.

Notionally this is all to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the BBC taking on The Proms, and whilst the exhibition was small and free, the shop contained a large and expensive book and I was persuaded to open my wallet.

It's a long time since I have visited Chappell of Bond Street. So long, in fact, that I was unaware they have moved to Wardour Street. I am not convinced that styling themselves as "Chappell of Bond Street" is still appropriate, but I enjoyed browsing the sheet music department and picked up a couple of books, though having prodded their web site I think I do rather prefer musicroom. I was also struck, as I walked along Picadilly from Green Park tube, by the Great Stink that sometimes is London. I would have thought the weather would have washed most rubbish away, but apparently not in that particular neck of the woods.
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