qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Monetarist, Marxist or Feudalist

Prompted by a combo of letters about the Soham case in The Independent and verlaine's recent post about library recruitment.

The free-market view allows people to judge the value of goods and services they want, and pay appropriately, then they will get the value of goods and services they want.

A more collectivist view allows a single choice to be made on behalf of a group of people, averaging out individual highs and lows in valuing goods and services. Everyone receives fair value based on the average.

A feudalist view: bugger that! Serf, go and harvest the fields/deal with the rubbish/fetch me some new books from the library, etc.

The problem is, in either the free-market or collectivist approach, evidence shows that most people choose the lowest-cost option, even if they do not want the lowest level of service. Clearly the only way out is to become Lord of the Manor. Join the DNRC now!
Tags: politics
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