qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Iron Cross for you, and the Red Star for me

On Saturday we attended rosamicula's Fireworks party. It amused me to observe that our tube destination - Elephant & Castle, nearest to the Imperial War Museum - appears on The Great Bear as Barnes Wallis, and an intersection between Engineers and Film Actors.

They say the best things in life are free, and this naturally extends to the view from a top-floor flat in a looking towards Battersea Power Station on one side and the London Eye and St Paul's to the other. We met people, who had a variety of online and Real Life names; we met cats, who seemed fazed neither by the strangers nor by the fireworks. We ate excellently - for me, rabbit pie, followed by alcohol with a hint of trifle. Thanks to all concerned in the preparation of such a feast.

The public displays didn't seem quite up to the standard of the previous year - perhaps partially due to more cloudy weather, and partially due to being marginally more distant from the 5th itself. We were, however, provided with a more intimate and impromptu display from one of the fellow occupants of the block, who proceeded to set off some slightly dodgy-looking fireworks from the car park. Various predictions of some sort of Casualty scenario did not come to fruition, but kharin and I exited the building with caution.
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