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After Saturday's visit to London, I emerged only a little later than usual to visit the Farmers' Market in Newbury on Sunday morning. I found the sausages had increased significantly in price, and the range of produce on offer did seem a bit poorer than I would like. On the plus side, though, quince jelly was now in season.

We decided to infer that the forecast would be right, and that the clouds would burn away as they had mostly done on Saturday. Unfortunately this did not turn out to be the case, and as we headed a rather long 70 miles westwards down the M4 to Westonbirt Arboretum the clouds gathered visibly. We joined the masses in a well-organised car parking arrangement.

I remember visiting Westonbirt on a summer holiday as an older child, and not being all that impressed by it. My initial reaction on this occasion was to be similarly a little disappointed, mainly perhaps by the weather which was neither bright and sunny nor atmospherically misty, but on reflection, and after consulting the photos, I'm glad I made a return visit and I think we had a good time. Certainly the visitor centre was poorly laid out, but we eventually strayed upon somebody handing out leaflets with a site plan. The initial stages of the old arboretum were heavily bogged down with infirm older and energetic younger visitors. I suppose I should be grateful that one day, the younger ones will be around to push me around in my post-peak-oil bath-chair, but for now I prefer peace and quiet. We strolled for a few hours around both sections of the site, observing a range of colours and interesting features. My photos will appear on Flickr (and thence on qatsiphotos) in due course (though I am about a year behind on posting to Flickr at present). The mist gathered as the light faded, which made for a prudent return journey.
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