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Famous have been the reigns of our Queens

On Sunday kharin and I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. We were initially enthusiastic when the film was trailed a month or two ago, but somewhat put off by the insipid reviews in the press. These were countered by uitlander a week or two ago.

It isn't as good a film as the preceding Elizabeth of 1998, nor is it as complete as the TV drama of recent years with Helen Mirren. One could be picky about the title, as the film is very much about an event rather than an age, and there are certainly historical liberties. It isn't a bad film either, though, and it has some nice touches. As in the preceding film, Geoffrey Rush is pre-eminent as the Jedi Master Walsingham. Clive Owen's Raleigh is swashbuckling and toe-curling; the figurehead of his ship, though, is particularly impressive. Visually, the locations broadly match the requirements, though the stretch of coastline portrayed didn't look like the south east of England to me. The tiled map of Europe on the floor at Elizabeth's palace was an interesting and attractive incongruity given England's position as a minor and somewhat semi-detached European nation at the time: together with the introduction explaining that England stood alone against Rome, and the stereotypical portrayal of the Spanish, there was a slight air of Dad's Army about it. poliphilo wrote recently about, effectively, the English Disease, and this film is an antidote to it.
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