qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

I suppose it's time for an update.

Several weeks ago kharin ordered two more bookcases so that we could finally banish the cardboard boxes. These turned up just before Christmas, and uitlander kindly helped manoeuvre them upstairs.

My journey to the North was punctuated by fog, and a stop-off at kharin's parents house to leave his new car's insurance certificate. Unfortunately I was running late and they were out.

Christmas came and went; I have more books, CDs and DVDs than before. I shall write about some of them separately in due course. Voyage of the Damned was OK, but not brilliant - but there again, RTD rarely is. There were some clever ideas and nice touches, generally rather blandly executed, and the 1970s-disaster-movie style didn't really do anything for me. But it was better than anything else on the TV that day.

I returned on Thursday; the traffic on the M6 was bad. No doubt in part this was due to the closure of the West Coast Main Line.

It was back to work on Friday, and I'm at work again on Monday. At least there is something to do there this time, though that means that there are people interested in seeing progress and resolution of certain issues. It doesn't feel as though I've had much of a break this year, which is unfortunate.
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