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Book Review: In the Company of Cheerful Ladies, by Alexander McCall Smith
It's well over a year since I last perused the world of Precious Ramotswe, and the time seemed right for a return visit. It's well rewarded: I think this is probably the best volume in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series since the first book, and apparently the TV adaptation of that is due to hit our screens soon - I'm sure I read somewhere recently that this would be at Easter.

There's a pleasing symmetry to the storylines in this book, with Mma Ramotswe facing a couple of situations that parallel those around her, in both professional and personal life. As is usual with the books, detection takes a back seat to the domestic. The "Old Botswana ways" are so deferential as to be almost colonial, but I choose to trust Mr McCall Smith's judgement and just sit back, take a cup of bush tea, and enjoy the ride.
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