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Partners in Crime

I enjoyed that. I had set my expectations appropriately low for this season, and I don't think it was a fantastic episode, but it was significantly better than I had feared. If you're not going to take it too seriously, then there's nothing wrong with being a bit over-the-top, and the first half or so with Donna and the Doctor leading their parallel lives was panto-like fun. The CGI GremlinsAdipose were just silly, but then again, so was Brannigan from Gridlock. (And then again, "I'm not really a cat person". "No, I can see that" - ha ha ha!). The Bernard Cribbins back-fill story seemed like a nice touch; Confidential somewhat dented this, yet also made a virtue out of it, by its explanation that the character had originally bean Donna's father, but Howard Attfield, who played Donna's father in The Runaway Bride, was too ill for the part and subsequently died.

On the subject of death and closure, I really didn't like the reappearance of Rose; can't we just let that story drop? However, I suppose we know she's coming back - in some way - in this series, so I suppose it was inevitable. And we can all watch out for references to the Cambridge Latin Course in next week's episode.
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