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... a time when this place was called Bechuanaland, and Dinosaurs roamed the Earth

When threw up Lloyds TSB as the best Cash ISA (with a one-year fixed rate of 6.5%), I was a bit surprised that you couldn't apply on-line. In fact, unless you are an existing customer, you have to apply in a branch. How quaint. Nevertheless, I dug out all the requisites - proof of ID, proof of address, old ISA statement for transfer, TOISA passbook (it transpires that you can transfer a Tessa-only ISA into the new Cash ISAs) and set off at lunch time. It took most of lunch time, though I wasted some time dithering between the two branches in town centre as neither seemed particularly customer-focused. (Having opened the account, I should be able to manage it online. Beyond checking that all the transfers go through smoothly, there isn't much to manage, and I suspect I will be moving on in a year's time.) Apparently that offer is being withdrawn on 12th April, so buy now if that's what you want.
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