qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Big Laugh

It seems that TV schedulers have not made any New Year resolutions to improve their offerings, nor to stop the Top-N broadcasts. No wonder voter apathy sets in.

So, on the first point, I am pleased to have made the investment some months ago of the DVD set of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes (with assorted guest luvvies from the 1980s and 1990s) and more recently the Ealing Comedy/Alec Guinness box set (Kind Hearts and Coronets, etc). Between them, I should be able to avoid Saturday evening viewing pretty much until the new series of Doctor Who, next year.

On the second point, a poll of top sitcoms seems sufficiently light-hearted (as opposed to trivialising arguably serious topics such as The Big Read or Great Britons) that I should not gripe too much about it. At least Yes Minister and The Good Life are in the Top Ten (though so is The Vicar of Dibley). Whilst most sitcoms can be funny in small doses, often they tend to become painful as the situation becomes so contrived, particularly to the more intelligent viewer who can see what's coming next.
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