qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Ood and Even

I enjoyed that. Not really very much to say; a rather traditional and in many ways simplistic story, but at least it wasn't set on Earth, and I thought the planet looked successfully alien. Time hasn't been kind to Tim McInnery; as kharin points out, the other role he is cut out for these days is as a Tory MP. It's a more intelligent kind of monster that is not intrinsically belligerent and intent on taking over the Earth (more on that next week, by the looks of it), even if the Ood are a bit over-done like the Thals in some ways. RTD hinted in Confidential that they could return again; if properly done with a decent storyline, I have no problem with that.

No lost planets or things on your back this week, unless I missed it.

And what is it about the bees?
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