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Who, Meh?

After spending a very pleasant yesterday evening at angry_marmot's party in Oxford, I've just caught up on Who.
I don't appear to have written about this for a few episodes; not much to say about The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky - I quite enjoyed them, in many ways rather traditional episodes. Of course, the line "you could wear a T-Shirt with 'CLONE' printed on it - but maybe not in front of Captain Jack" caused some carry-on style sniggering in this house.

The trailer for The Doctor's Daughter gave off conflicting signals, which were fulfilled by the episode itself. It's really taken a long time to have the confidence to go off-world, but as with Planet of the Ood, that part seemed to work quite well. And there were some nice if not original ideas - the accelerated generations, the terraforming for example. But so many things didn't work. For example, why didn't the Hath speech get translated by the TARDIS? Wouldn't things be a lot easier if you set off the terraforming devoce first thing after landing on the planet, rather than having to rely on your limited supplies? The plot was a bit Face of Evil; a bit State of Decay and Keeper of Traken, but not as good as any of them, by far. (I momentarily wondered, not having caught the planet's name, if The Source might actually mean we were on Traken at some point in some other place after it disappeared in Logopolis, but that probably just indicates that even a moderate fan-boy knows more about continuity than most writers of the New Who; then again, I also wondered whether it might be some post-apocalyptic Earth, particularly as Martha emerged onto the planet's surface). I think this might have been better treated as a two-parter with more scope to explore some of the ideas, they were just too condensed. Unfortunately the part fulfilled by Jenny, and her destiny, was all very predictable, and as others have written, there's a big flashing light that says clue to series finale here.
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