qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

4'33" with occasional pixelation

The digital TV reception is a bit patchy here, so John Cage's Tacet for Large Orchestra turned into a full son et lumiere at one point - quite appropriate really. The rest of the concert was not quite as cacophonic as it should have been.

Cage's point is well-documented: essentially it's a musical interpretation of the old saying Nature abhors a vacuum. I don't know whether anyone has ever presented a completely blank canvas, but it would make the same statement - there is still something there.

It's interesting from the point of view of quantum mechanics too, which postulates that particle-antiparticle pairs can spontaneously appear out of nowhere for infinitesimal periods of time. (In essence, conservation of energy only holds at a statistical level, and can be broken within the confines of the Uncertainty Principle). If you took away all the matter in the Universe, it still wouldn't really be empty space.
Tags: music
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