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nwhyte has done a thorough job here; in many cases I agree with him. The UK entry was dismal (yet perhaps not as excruciating as some we've submitted in the past); Germany's entry adopted the atonality of Schoenberg (or perhaps the singers were just out of tune with each other, and the instrumentalists). Bosnia-Hercegovina were obviously going for the fruitcake vote (but see also Latvia, France and Azerbaijan).

Musically, I preferred the Croatian entry - quirkily traditional, with an appearance of an elderly man dressed in white with a wide-brimmed hat, who could easily have been mistaken for Truman Capote. There was something to the Portuguese entry, but it seemed to have unfulfilled potential. Norway's entry was also interesting; for hi-energy eurobunnies, Iceland or Ukraine should have done the trick - the latter also having a bit of a James Bond feel to it with its lighting and silhouette effects. I found the Russian entry rather bland, though the skating chap looked a little like Boris Johnson at a distance.

As usual, soul-searching and cheap insults from El Tel throughout the voting. It's not so much the regional blocs that are the problem, as I see it, but the weighting: each country's vote counts equally regardless of population or the number of participants. There is no perfect voting system, and the current arrangement is at least easy to understand. No doubt the press will be blaming Gordon Brown for our comprehensive failure - after all, it seems he is to blame for everything else.
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