qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: A Very Pink Wedding - A Gay Guide to Planning your Perfect Day, by Nicola Hill
I read this several months ago, but it seemed wise to hold off reviewing until after the event. This is a simple and very practical book, informative but not patronising. Whether it's really vastly different from a straight wedding planning book is a moot point - the emphasis is probably a little different. There's a definite punt on being unconventional, as there are no conventions. The cynical thoughts of Matthew Parris are among various entertaining soundbites. The only irritation is the repetitive references to the author's own web site, an understandable cross-selling effort but repeated more often than the synopses on an imported Channel 5 documentary.

There could perhaps be more of an explanation of what you need to do afterwards - one of the registrars we spoke to seemed to believe that everyone would need to see our partnership certificate, but in fact none of the financial institutions I've been in touch with are the slightest bit interested, so long as my name hasn't changed.
Tags: books, civilisation
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