qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Shock and AWE

I'm not normally one for recommending web pages, but two examples have crossed my path today that stand out.

Regular Daily Mail readers could do worse than visit this site (from kharin) - for example, they could read the Daily Mail. The headline "COULD KEN LIVINGSTONE IMPREGNATE TORIES?" is at most a few Refresh clicks away.

The second, pointed out by a coworker, is the Atomic Weapons Establishment site. Presumably the domain stems from the fact that, in its infinite wisdom, the UK government has contracted out the supply and maintenance of its nuclear deterrent (one can only hope that al-Qa'ida weren't the lowest bidders). Particularly disturbing is the claim that "AWE covers the whole life-cycle of nuclear warheads". Really? The whole life-cycle?
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