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Turn Left

I'm not really sure what to make of that. I quite liked the detail, but perhaps not the overall plot. RTD obviously has this thing about writing "epic" stories where the whole world changes, and that's just too over the top to sit comfortably with me - last year's finale would be another case in point.

Having said that, though, I did think there were some clever touches in the detail. "Labour" camps, for instance - along, of course, with Wilf's "it's happening again". Or 60 million Americans vaporising into fat. And the parallel universe UNIT.

I'm uneasy about the season finale. Anyone who watched this week's Confidential can't possibly have missed the Davros-like shadow that appeared towards the end. Whilst that has been a rumour running for some time, I still don't like it. Davros was a Kaled scientist, not an Immortal. You can get away with bringing The Master back - though what a waste it was at the end of last season - but Davros is arguably just a "normal" bad guy.

Still, I suppose with more Sarah-Jane it won't be all bad.
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