qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Culinary Triumph and Disaster

Well, the lunchtime attempt at a Spanish salad based on oranges and red onions just didn't fly. Too little orange, and far too much onion. On reflection, I'm not sure how that one is supposed to work. I'm putting it down to experience.

Dinner, on the other hand, I consider to be an outstanding success. I located four recipes for Navarin of Lamb and went, more or less, for the Elizabeth David version. I remember this one as a regular from College dinners, where it was known colloquially as "Lamb of Navarone". It was helped by a cut-price and nicely lean half shoulder from Waitrose, which resulted in very little waste.

For dessert, I had made a rum and raisin cheesecake. This scores somewhere in the middle of our two extremes. I didn't beat the eggs enough, and it didn't set properly, so it was poor on presentation and consistency, but it rates highly on the taste scale. Not so bad for an adapted recipe cobbled together on the basis of something I saw on a packet of someone else's raisins at work the other week, and I shall be tempted to repeat at some future occasion having properly considered recipes and techniques.
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