qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Wrath of Caan

Oh dear, if ever the phrase Total Bollocks Overdrive was needed then this was it. As is often the case with RTD, there were some good ideas, but so overblown that for me it becomes less effective, though still fun. Somehow there is an awful lot to unravel in 45-50 minutes next week.

- either the Doctor will not regenerate, or (unlikely) he "regenerates" by chance into the same body. This will have something to do with The Hand
- we will see Mickey the Idiot (c.f. the read-through scenes in Confidential), and possibly the Tyler family too
- Harriet Jones is not dead
- the Doctor will go back to the Time War

More speculatively:
- We've had Bad Wolf, the Shadow Proclamations, and the Medusa Cascade. Is anything missing? At least we've cleared the decks of those for the Steve Moffatt era.
- Will Donna die?
- Will Donna's ring be significant?
- Is there something on Donna's back?
- Will things be resolved next week, or will the season end on a cliff-hanger related to this story? (presumably the next episode is the Christmas special, I think therefore that this story is unlikely to be continued straight away)
- Could next year's "specials" see the Doctor re-fighting the Time War?
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