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Egregious Ethics - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Egregious Ethics
I've more or less stopped going to the Farmers' Market in Newbury, as the nice sausage stall hasn't returned and I find it a bit of a round trip for no real return. Today I ventured to the more nearby Reading market, as I had a few other bits and pieces to do in town. It wasn't brilliant, but I got some eggs, and chicken wings which we have had for lunch in a tomato and basil dressing.

It's been plain for a while that whilst some stalls are absolutely in the spirit of the market, others have more dubious claims. The number of cake stalls has sometimes made it look more like a meeting of the WI, and then there was the chap with the sign "(non) ORGANIC MUSHROOMS". More on the pollution of farmers' markets here.

One of the other things I had on my list to acquire was more potting compost, as we've more or less run out. I'm always surprised how hard it is to find peat-free compost, given the publicity about the destruction of peat environments. Of a large array on offer, just one or two were labelled "peat-free"; fortunately, one of them was quite suitable for me. But the most egregious product I saw was a bag labelled "organic compost - with added peat". Instinctively that seems every bit as bad as organic fruit and veg produce that's air freighted in to the UK.

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itsjustaname From: itsjustaname Date: July 5th, 2008 07:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've just been to the Farmers' Market in Saskatoon and was very pleased to see the produce was all locally grown and the jams were from home sourced fruits.

Saskatoon is an agricultural area so it's less surprising, but I do get annoyed with farmers' markets that ship produce in from other countries. If I'm going to a farmers' market, I want to see produce from local farms.
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