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Topical Cuisine - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Topical Cuisine
A little over a year ago I bought kharin a book on Georgian cuisine. After inspection, it was put to one side on the basis that most of the recipes required marigold. The book claimed there was really no substitute. So this year, I have been carefully harvesting the petals of Tagetes patula, and tonight we have had Katmis Bazhe (chicken with walnut and herb sauce), with additional sauces Tkemali (plum sauce with herbs) and Makvali (blackberry sauce with chilli and herbs). It's been quite a lot of effort, but the Tkemali in particular has been worth it, and the leftover sauces will definitely be stored in the fridge to be used up in the near future.


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nwhyte From: nwhyte Date: August 23rd, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
It really is yummy, isn't it!!!

Which recipe book did you get? I've been working off The Georgian Feast, but would be pleased to diversify!
qatsi From: qatsi Date: August 24th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
The Georgian Feast is the one we've got too;. Do you have any particular recommendations from it?
nwhyte From: nwhyte Date: August 27th, 2008 01:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've tagged my experiments from it, all of which have been very successful, with one interesting exception - the lamb and bean stew. Keep us posted with your own efforts!
mraltariel From: mraltariel Date: August 24th, 2008 05:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
There were a few moments when I was thinking "Georgian cuisine needs marigolds? I thought it was all too many forks and modern dining etiquette?" Then I realized I had the wrong Georgian.
qatsi From: qatsi Date: August 24th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
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