qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Petits Pois Purée

rosamicula's Birthday Dinner took place at Shampers last night. Food and wine flowed freely; I opted for Orkney Gravadlax, followed by Roast Grouse with sauté potatoes and petits pois purée - an option perilously close to mushy peas, but in fact in a rather different and tasty dressing. I don't think I've ever seen grouse on a menu before, so it would have been a missed opportunity to do otherwise. There was no need, but I did go for Bread and Butter Pudding as a more proletarian dessert. uitlander and I washed this down with Chateau Ksara, the same wine I'd had the last time I was there (one of the more "competitively priced" options on the wine list, but really rather good). Among others whose names I have failed to commit to memory, I met mr_flay, peter_crump, moral_vacuum, and at least one person - gasp - Who Is Not On LiveJournal!
Tags: food, london, wine
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