qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

After the Proms, it's been a relaxing weekend not doing much, though regrettably that means I've not taken the opportunity to visit anywhere interesting on the Open House weekend. kharin has been my proxy instead, and I've been in the garden and in the kitchen.

Last night's food was Vietnamese: Duck Legs in Spicy Orange Sauce, and it worked very well. This evening we shall be eating like the Romans, and I am preparing Ham in Red Wine and Fennel Sauce and Mushroom Patina. I think I might have overdone reducing the grape juice for the sapa sauce, it seems to have almost caramelised, but we'll see.

I've also decided the time was up for the Thai Basil. It's been a very good year for the three varieties of Basil I've been growing (sweet, red, and Thai) and one of the Thai planst has had plans for world domination, or at least on the kitchen window-sill. A very full freezer bag's worth has been picked, so no danger of running short there.
Tags: food
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