qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Invisible People

I decided a trip to the Farmers' Market was in order this morning. It's several months since I've been; since the nice sausage stall vanished, the thought of a 30-mile round trip ending up with the purchase of a box of eggs just made no sense. They've changed the car park layouts in Newbury, and changed the parking system, but it's still free on Sundays, and it was notably emptier. As was the market, though I suspect the one on the first Sunday of the month is still busier. I came away with two packs of Gloucester Old Spot sausages: one with redcurrant and rosemary, which kharin and I can recommend, and one with leek and ginger, for another day. I also got some mutton; the last time I tried mutton I wasn't all that taken with it, but this is from a different supplier, so we'll see how it goes.

In other news, I've been thinking about opening an Abbey savings account, as it would be handy to have one at the same bank as my main current account, rather than have money disappear in the BACS ether for 3 days while who knows what happens. But I discovered on the first page of the on-line application that there is no option for 'Civil Partnership' in their mandatory marital status drop-down list. I could perhaps select 'Married' but for now I am having a petulant strop instead.
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