qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

This week I have been mostly cooking ...

Yesterday we had rosamicula and uitlander over for a meal. Doing quite a bit of preparation on Friday helped a lot.

We had a selection of tapas for starters: Chorizo in Red Wine, Duck Livers in Sherry, Garlic and Lemon Sauteéd Mushrooms and Peppers and Capers with Wine Vinegar. The main course was Rabbit braised in Perry with Pears, in which everyone demonstrated the ultimate futility of cutlery, and with which the home-made gnocchi worked rather well, though I have to say it's quite a faff sieving potato. For dessert we had a Rum and Raisin Cheesecake, and finished off with mince pies, containing kharin's home-made mincemeat - with real mince.

Between four of us (and I was driving, so was exercising moderation) we seem to have consumed four bottles of wine. I imagine some heads may be a bit sore this morning.
Tags: food
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