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Wait till they get to the bit about "Peace on Earth", then let 'em have it

The title is the caption from a Giles cartoon I once received on a Christmas card, in which a group of boys are preparing to throw snowballs at some carol singers. If there is a time for "Peace on Earth", surely it must fall at around 3am. But not this morning, no, instead we had to have a helicopter circling around for at least half an hour. Presumably at that hour it must have been the police.

I woke up with a headache, so fetched some paracetamol in the first instance rather than the earplugs. While in the kitchen I noticed that I could hear the sound of water filling a tank somewhere, which I thought was a bit odd. I narrowed this down to the cistern in the bathroom, which it appears has a leaky siphon, so that the tank never actually fills and continuously draws water. Perhaps it's at times like this I'm grateful not to be on a water meter. Anyhow, this morning I've tied up the float so the situation is stable, while I wonder how to resolve this. It's not a standard siphon as far as I can tell, and the tank isn't particularly accessible, so I wonder how much of the bathroom around it will come down when the repairs have to be done. Even at the best of times I'm sceptical of my own ability on things like that, so I guess we'll be calling someone in.
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