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He always talks about himself in the third person

Book Review: The Civil War, by Julius Caesar, and The Alexandrian War, The African War, and The Spanish War, by other hands
What they say in the Asterix books is true. When describing an event at which he was present, he does generally say "Caesar did ..."; though I notice that when relating an event at a distance, he often refers to "our troops" or "our cause". Assuming this is an accurate rendition of the text into English, it's a curious mix. Perhaps any civil war is a confusing situation; the narration, though clear in the detail, doesn't really give a wider picture, though Jane F Gardner's introduction attempts to explain the background at a basic level. It feels as if this text is less propagandistic than The Conquest of Gaul - perhaps because the enemy was composed of Romans rather than barbarians - though there's still enough spin to be notable.

The authors of the continuation texts are unknown; only The Alexandrian War is probably comparable in quality to Caesar's writing. Nevertheless they are useful in providing source reports of the developments in this period of history.
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